Logo Challenge

Hello GIS users!

This blog is dedicated to the development of a logo to identify our awesome group. The idea is to develop the logo using the talent and ideas of our group members…why not, many of you are mapping artists with tons of graphic ability! This graphic will be used to identify the group in many different ways, such as:

  • The group web site
  • The group documents
  • The group correspondence
  • The group marketing efforts

Let’s get started…

1. Guidelines and criteria for ideas:

  • Geospatial technology context
  • SE Washington and NE Oregon geographic context
  • Consistent with the group Mission Statement:
    • “To provide an environment for GIS Professionals to meet, share, learn, and develop GIS technology in SE Washington and NE Oregon”.
  • Consistent with the group Goals:
    • Provide a forum for GIS Professionals to meet, network, and collaborate.
    • Promote regional communication to encourage partnerships and teamwork.
    • Develop and promote GIS technology in the region.
    • Develop a regional hub or center for GIS application and resources.
    • Develop website to promote presence and group interaction.
    • Promote resource sharing and opportunities.
  • Consistent with the group Objectives:
    • Maintain and promote membership.
    • Increased accessibility to regional public applications.
    • Increased regional data sharing.
    • Increased regional project awareness and collaboration.
  • Members will be allowed to submit up to three logo options.
  • Last but not least, all ideas will be considered.

2. Submittals:

  • Please send submittals (.JPG or .PNG) in a zipped/compressed format to Chris Owen (cowen@wallawallawa.gov)

3. Judging:

  • Each submittal will be reviewed by the group Steering Committee.
  • Members will be allowed to vote for their first, second and third choice.
  • Votes will be counted and announced at the Spring 2015 SE Washington and NE Oregon GIS User Group Meeting.

Thank you and let the challenge begin!!

Chris Owen, Chair

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