City of Walla Walla – ESRI upgrade from 9.3 to 10.0

The City of Walla Walla has finalized plans to upgrade their ESRI platform from version 9.3 SP1 to 10.0 Sp4.  ESRI software upgrades will include:  ArcMap (client), ArcGIS Server, AcSDE, ArcIMS (yes, we still use ArcIMS), and ArcPad.  For our ESRI software server upgrade, we will also be migrating to an application server which will run services and web applications.

Since GIS is integrated with multiple systems, upgrading is not a “cut and dry” decision – software compatibility, hardware, and level of need must all be considered before deciding to upgrade.  The coordination with IT, GIS, and the users is extremely important.  The upgrade will be a tiered process, consisting of client first, then server.  In our case, we will be upgrading our Work Order System in conjunction with our ESRI software upgrade which adds a level of complexity and the potential for a higher level of user interruption.  We have scheduled the upgrade for the end of October, and I will keep this post updated with our experiences, any issues encountered, and of course our wins and accomplishments.


Well, the client upgrades, server migration and server upgrade were completed on the morning of 11/6.  ArcSDE was simple and straight forward.  The ArcGIS Server install was relatively simple, although all of the service MXD’s had to be updated and there was an issue with accessing the folder we keep our cached files.  Once the proper security was set, the cached files were accessible.  ArcIMS was another story.  By far, ArcIMS was the most difficult install.  I had to contact ESRI support to complete the install, as I was not able to get TomCat running and had to use the ServeltExec as the servlet engine.  The first ESRI analyst did nothing but re-step me through the install process with no real knowledge of how the install worked – after requesting another analyst, I spoke with the same analyst who helped me with the 9.3 install – he was very knowledgable, and we were able to get it running.  All said and done, I now have the conversion of our ArcIMS sites to ArcGIS Server as top priority for 2013.

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